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Horizontal Loops – pipes in trenches that range in depth from 100 to 400 feet. This system is ideal for areas where surface area is plentiful

Vertical Loops – pipes are installed through small-diameter holes bored with well-drilling equipment 100 to 400 feet deep. This system is ideal for areas where surface area is limited

Pond or Lake Loops – a highly economical option that features pipe coils placed on the bottom of a lake or pond

Well-Water Systems / Open Loops – ideal for areas where adequate groundwater is present, these systems use well water rather than a sealed piping loop


Geothermal heating and cooling systems are designed to take advantage of the tremendous amount of solar energy that is absorbed into the ground daily.


These systems utilize circulating water to send warmed air through your home in the winter, and remove heat from your air in the summer.


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Choose green heating and cooling for your home

Reduce your carbon footprint!

Choose from a variety of systems

• Geothermal has been used for more than 40 years by millions of units worldwide

• Exceptionally energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective

• Eligible for tax credits and state incentives

• Year-round comfort

• Adaptable to zoned systems

• Can be used to produce FREE hot water

• ClimateMaster systems use Earth Pure Refrigerant, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant

• No outdoor units necessary

• Factory-sealed to ensure quality and longevity


Experience the incredible benefits of geothermal

A climate control system's efficiency is how well that system is able to use fuel. While a traditional furnace may have an efficiency of 80-90%, a geothermal system boasts efficiency of up to 450%. This efficiency is created by transferring heat between the circulating water in the geothermal system and the earth.

Make a dramatic difference in your efficiency

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